so today i went back to my college because it was the grand reopening of the sorority dorm. they had it renovated, and i lived there for 2 years. i met up with my roomies, who just happened to be two very important people in my life, and it was like old times. being back at college was amazing. it’s hard to believe that i graduated 8 years ago. the dorm is INCREDIBLE now. they did an amazing job with the entire building, especially all the chapter rooms. our chapter room is too gorgeous now, and it has a/c! no more box units! it’s totally upgraded-there’s like these built in cork board/whiteboard things outside the room doors. i remember having to go to Walmart and buying a whiteboard to stick on the door. the things they have now are super fancy schmancy.

Anonymous asked:

just because you don't care doesn't mean other people don't. and your gif was made on a quick, two second online maker--you can tell from the watermark. the george gif clearly took a lot of time and effort. and you put it in the george harrison tag, which means people will reblog it, and it will link back to you as the source. though you may not have said anything to claim that gif as your own, people will still assume you made it when it get reblogged. it's just rude.

well i’ll just solve the problem right now. i’m just a rude bitch i guess. and feel free to unfriend me. maybe i’ll just delete my blog since i pretty much steal everything i post and don’t remember who originally made it. thanks for putting a damper on my night anon.

at the gym today i looked up at one of the tv’s and saw paul’s video for ‘queenie eye’. this is the second time i’ve seen them play this video since the album came out last year. i was on the leg press and paused the music i was listening to on my phone and stopped mid leg press, sitting there singing along. all those meatheads thought i was nutters.