okay i have to rant a bit. so i’m flipping through channels and on mtv they’re advertising the vma’s. well, led zeppelin is playing. i’m sorry but that offends me. mtv and the music they play is NOT worthy of led zeppelin. fuck, probably 99.9% of the kids that watch mtv have no fucking idea who led zeppelin are. 

i dare you to rant at me about this. i’m nice and toasty and i DARE you. mtv and led zeppelin do not mix. the zep are infinitely better. 

i would just like to point out that paul’s mullet doesn’t bother me-there are pictures of him with it that are fine and dandy to me…

however, the mullet plus the pornstach is just a big old hell to the no. and linda’s mullet is a double hell no.

aye carumba

so what we’ve established is that paul with just the mullet is yummy, paul with the mullet + pornstach is icky, and linda with the mullet is a no way jose